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baesxji asked
My hiatus is over /smiles widely/ ^-^


Oh hey wow guys! It’s Zhou Mi's birthday today!

You guys should greet him and wish him a great one!!!!!!!

Ayeeeee it’s this cutie’s special day!

Go spread the love to Areum on her birthday!

Going on hiatus for a month due to personal reasons, miahne

It’s fine. We will miss you when you’re gone.

Wait NONE OF U SAW THAT POST NO ONE SAW ANYTHING -cries in embarrassment cus the welcome posts were done by hyuna-

wooxbin asked
Why did everyone want to hang out with the mushroom? Because he was a fungi.

I’ve always been a huge fan of myself tbh

sooxjeezy asked
I'm not going to hurt anyone. ;;

You better not bite anyone too

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